Technology Plan

Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this project is to work with rural, Tribal, and small urban transit providers throughout Greater Minnesota –– to develop a Greater Minnesota Public Transit Technology Plan. The Plan will build on MnDOT’s recent collaborative development of 5-year Transit System Plans and will support and also draw from the August 2020 Technology Summit.

Key Project Components

  • Assess and evaluate completed transit technology planning activities
  • Work with key stakeholders to define a statewide transit technology vision
  • Collaboratively identify technology goals and objectives
  • Research other systems and trends to build an understanding of options for technology investments
  • Produce a Greater Minnesota Public Transit Technology Plan

Plan Development Process

MnDOT has hired TransitPlus, a consulting team with expertise in transit technology, to work with all key stakeholders to develop this Plan by April 2021. TransitPlus will directly engage key stakeholders and work with a Steering Committee of providers that will help coordinate and support the engagement and Plan-development process. You can also learn more about MnDOT’s broader transit work here.

Project Contact

Suzanne O’Neill, TransitPlus

Chuck Morris, MnDOT project manager



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