Technology Plan

Purpose and Overview

The purpose of this project is to work with rural, Tribal, and small urban transit providers throughout Greater Minnesota to develop a Greater Minnesota Public Transit Technology Plan. The Plan will build on MnDOT’s recent collaborative development of 5-year Transit System Plans and will support and also draw from the August 2020 Technology Summit.

Key Project Components

See descriptions and links below, or click here to read these directly from the website.

  • Greater Minnesota Transit Technology Plan: April 2021
  • Technology Standards and Systems Growth Plan: February-March 2021
  • Technology and Management Solutions: February-March 2021
  • Technology Goals and Strategies: January-March 2021
  • Technology Maturity Assessment; Technology Trends and Opportunities; and Industry Peer Review: August-September 2020

Plan Development Process

MnDOT has hired TransitPlus, a consulting team with expertise in transit technology, to work with all key stakeholders to develop this Plan by April 2021. TransitPlus will directly engage key stakeholders and work with a Steering Committee of providers that will help coordinate and support the engagement and Plan-development process. You can also learn more about MnDOT’s broader transit work here.

Project Contact

Suzanne O’Neill, TransitPlus

Chuck Morris, MnDOT project manager



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