Latest Activities

Click here for a summary of the major project tasks and anticipated engagement activities. Learn about the Steering Committee’s work here. See below for updates.

  • February-March: Tech memo, Technology and Management Solutions
  • January-February 2021: Steering Committee and agencies Greater Minnesota transit agencies provided feedback on draft statewide technology goals and strategies through several virtual sessions
  • November 2020: Technology Maturity Assessment; Technology Trends and Opportunities; and Industry Peer Review
  • September 2020:
    • August Provider Survey Summary Results available here
    • September Steering Committee meeting
  • August 2020:
    • The first major engagement effort was an online survey for small urban, rural, and Tribal providers launched 8/1/2020. This is gathering essential technology information and perspectives to inform the first component of the plan-development process: Assess and evaluate completed transit technology planning activities.
    • August Steering Committee meeting

Engagement Plan

Objectives: The project needs information, insights, and feedback from all key stakeholders to ensure the Transit Technology Plan meets the needs and will benefit providers, users, and Minnesota as a whole.  Tribal, small urban, and rural transit providers in Greater Minnesota are key stakeholders, and critical to this transit technology planning process (see list of key stakeholder here).

Level of Engagement: To ensure clarity and transparency, MnDOT has determined that the level of engagement for this project is Consult (per the IAP2 Spectrum for Public Participation):

Engagement goal: To obtain stakeholder feedback on analyses, alternatives, and/or decisions.

Engagement promise: We will keep you informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns and aspirations, and provide feedback on how stakeholder input influenced the decision.

Engagement Core Values: The engagement for this project will be done in alignment with MnDOT’s commitment to the IAP2 Core Values for Engagement. Click here to learn more.

Steering Committee: MnDOT has created a Steering Committee that will meet periodically during this project to support stakeholder engagement and help guide the plan-development process. See information on Committee’s work and membership here.

Engagement activities: Click here for a summary of the major project tasks and anticipated engagement activities. See below for updates.

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